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Corrie Pitzer

Session Synopsis: The silent killer in your business is... your risk (not safety!) culture!

The pursuit of zero fatalities is a noble one, and many solutions are offered. They come in the shape of SIF risk management, barriers, Bowties and control systems.

But those are focused ‘downstream’ in the business, where the fatal flaws manifest, and by then, too late, you are endlessly swatting them like mosquitos.

Upstream in the company we find the ‘risk’ culture... and it’s here where the fatal flaws originate, and where they must be mitigated - in our paradigms of ‘unconditionality’.

The extent to which we can elucidate and transform the risk culture will determine our success to reach this goal.

This presentation will discuss a global Elimination of Fatalities program in a large corporation that delivered dramatic results.


Corrie completed advanced Bachelors and Honours degrees in Industrial Psychology, Business, Education and an MBA.

He worked in the resources industry for 10 years as a Group Risk Manager for Billiton in South Africa prior to the merger with BHP. He founded SAFEmap in 1994 in Australia and became a leading consultant on safety leadership, culture and risk behaviour. Since 2005 he is based in Vancouver, from where he leads the international operations of SAFEmap and RISKmap partners.

He consults to major companies globally, including Boeing, SouthernCo, Alabama Power, Umicore, Edison Southern California, Intergen, BHPBilliton, Antofagasta Minerals, Primero and Kinross Gold.

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) selected Corrie as the Mine Safety Professional for 2013.

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