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Michelle Cederberg

Michelle Cederberg

Session Synopsis: The “Success-Energy” Equation

“Beat Burnout. Harness your Energy. Streamline Success.”

In this high-energy keynote, Health and Productivity Expert Michelle Cederberg shares research from her latest book The Success-Energy Equation. After years of studying top-in-class professionals she’s uncovered obvious, though rarely recognized, or exercised ways to streamline success, reduce stress and eliminate exhaustion.

From fail-proofing your routines, to clarifying your goals, and finally breaking free from the traps of distraction, Michelle uncovers a powerful combination of scientific facts, health truths, and laughable human behaviors that when implemented, will set you apart from the average ambitious individual and help you solve your own personal formula for success in profound ways.


  • Develop a clearer understanding (and newfound sense of humor) about where your energy is being ‘poured, invested or drained’.
  • Learn how to overcome common barriers like distractions and bad habits, to become more consistent with your goals and outcomes.
  • Discover four science-backed variables that can significantly impact your goals, confidence, productivity, and success.
  • Streamline, optimize and eliminate unnecessary stressors to boost productivity and drive you, and your company, to new levels of true success.

★ THE “DEAL-CLOSER”: Geared towards high-performers, leaders, and those in busy, competitive industries—this keynote delivers action-ready strategies and science-backed principles that leave audiences refreshed, motivated and ready to experience their own next personal best.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Success-Energy Equation - How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life + Really Get Sh!t Done debuted as a bestseller in October, 2020 and has continued to attract the attention of success-driven, health-conscious professionals who are using the research-backed principals to drive production, engagement and retention in corporate and leadership settings.


For over 20 years, Health and Productivity Expert Michelle Cederberg has captivated audiences across North America with her empowering and humorous messages that educate busy, driven professionals about how to set chase worthy goals, revive energy, and reignite productivity.

As a certified and in-demand speaker, author, coach and consultant, she believes that personal and professional success is directly influenced by how well we harness the physical, mental and emotional capacity we each have within us. She enthusiastically calls on science to help people boost that capacity, so they can work and lead with confidence, and create the life and career they want.

★ MISSION & FOCUS: Michelle holds a Masters in Kinesiology, a BA in Psychology, specialization in Health & Exercise Psychology, is a Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Exercise Physiologist and a High-Performance Coach. Her life’s work is about combining mind, body and practicality to powerfully ignite change in everyday professionals.

★ BEST SELLING AUTHOR & INFLUENCER: An author of four books and counting, her latest publication “The Success-Energy Equation” debuted as a bestseller in October 2020 — helping to revolutionize the myth that burnout and stress don’t have to be part of success.