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Kody Messenger,
CMIOSH, CRSP, CTDP, P. GSC, Corporate Compliance Advisor of Enger

First Session Synopsis: 2 Years after Safety 2, is the Grass any Greener?

This session will cover a company’s journey into Safety 2, what that process looked like practically, and how it was implemented. We will review the results that this change in thinking created, and how it positively impacted their construction operations. We will introduce some of the primary tools the company used to drive this change in thinking, including the 4 points of resiliency, appreciative investigations, and learning teams.

Learning Objectives: To show through the Ocean case study that the principles and ideas behind safety 2 can be positive and beneficial for organizational safety.

Second Session Synopsis: Safety 2 in Practice

In this session, building on the previous session, we’ll discuss the means and methods used to realign Oceans operations surrounding Safety 2. Starting with the high-level overview of how we did it, including;

  1. Rebuilding trust in the organization, through; streamlining, pragmatism, reduction and simplification.
  2. Retraining around the organizations’ abilities and capacities. Removal of vision zero and the idea that all accidents are preventable.
  3. We changed Plan-Do-Check-Act model to the tenants found in Resilience Engineering, Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), Safety Differently and Safety 2.
  4. We Started learning about and looking at in detail the things that were going to cause fatalities. Then created means for these things to occur in a way where a fatality wouldn’t likely be the outcome.
  5. We began training crews in these ideas (Safety 2, HOP) through the application of learning teams and appreciative investigations.

From there, this session moves to some of the more practical methods used for developing and completing appreciative investigations and learning teams, including;

  1. When we used learning teams and appreciative investigations
  2. Who we used on these teams
  3. What kind of content we covered within them
  4. What the result was
  5. Examples of instances where these items were completed.

This session will also provide samples of documentation used for these processes. Learning Objective: Review the journey that Ocean web about in practically building their operations around Safety 2.


Kody Messenger is a Managing Partner at Enger Safety, a Senior Level Advisor, and Education Designer. In this role he functions as the primary vision caster for Enger’s suite of clients, he assists organizations navigate through complex legal challenges, and unique operational challenges. What he truly enjoys professionally is seeing organizations get back to the businesses that they are good at and unleashing their workforces to be brave and innovative in their work.

Kody has been operating in the health and safety atmosphere since transitioning from his trade as an underwater welder. This experience has been a major influence on his operating principles in his practice as an OSH professional. Building on the idea that the people in the organizations are the heroes of safety success; that safety is so much more than just the absence of accidents; and that given the opportunity and resources the innovation and resilience of people will surprise you.

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