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Bob Vaughan

Session Synopsis

Most companies have first-class safety programs and dedicated safety professionals to ensure employees work safely. These programs and people are essential pieces of the safety puzzle, but the most important aspect of preventing safety incidents is the peer-to-peer interventions in the moment. A large-scale study found that employees intervene in fewer than 2 of every 5 unsafe acts that they observe in the workplace. These observed unsafe behaviors go unchecked and unchanged for one primary reason – employees do not know how to intervene effectively. Also, in today’s hectic world, another major concern is inattention incidents - employees trying to multitask and getting injured. This session will also discuss why Multitasking is a myth and how to focus on the task at hand.


Learn from a frontline training specialist why inattention is a key cause of safety incidents in today’s hectic workplace. Bob has provided leadership training, business coaching, partnering sessions and strategic planning to a range of industries, including construction. He’s logged more than 25 years of experience in the field, including eight years as Manager of Quality Improvement for CAT dealer Finning Canada.